At Hwy 29 Car Wash, you bring in your car and we take care of the rest. Our full-service car wash is completely customizable to your needs and wants. Add on a hot wax? Sure! Make your wheels look like new with Wheel Brite? You bet! Hand wash all the windows? Of course!


As a family-owned and operated car wash, we know the importance of treating all of our customers like family and paying attention to the details. That's why you can trust us to take care of your car. We'll do what it takes to get your car looking, smelling, and sparkling like new. And the best part is that we'll do it without breaking your bank.

Our basic car wash starts at just $15.00, which includes our triple foam cleaning in an all cloth tunnel with state of the art technology! You can also add on a hot wax, vacuum, and hand dry with a shammy. It's up to you!


Our car wash is convenient, affordable, and focused on providing you with the best wash in Spartanburg, SC. Our services include:

  • Triple foam cleaning in an all cloth tunnel
  • Hot wax
  • Vacuum floors
  • Jams
  • Windows
  • Wheel Brite
  • Hand dry w/ shammy

Additional services and detail are available upon request. We'll customize our services to your needs. Come on in today to see the Hwy 29 Car Wash difference or call (864) 574-6140 with any questions.